Our Mission Partners

As a church we commit to giving at least 10% of church giving to mission activities in the UK and overseas. A sub-committee of the PCC oversees this giving each year.

Our current mission partners for 2021 are below, do look at their websites for the most up to date information.

Our mission partners

A Rocha UK 

A Rocha engages with communities in nature conservation, to think about their use of the environment & develop practical ways to care for people & the planet. They respond to the global crisis of biodiversity loss by carrying out community-based conservation projects.

Website: arocha.org.uk

What to pray for:
– thanks for the growing Wild Christian community encouraging individuals and families to take action in their own homes to help protect the environment
– thanks for the Eco-church programme which grew by a third over the last year to 3,100 churches
– wisdom for ourselves to know what steps we need to take into to protect our planet

Christians Against Poverty (New Malden & Kingston)

CAP started in 1996 in Bradford. They are passionate about lifting people out of debt & poverty and do this through their debt help service, money management & life skills courses. The New Malden & Kingston Debt Centre helps those in our local area.

Website: sjnm.org/ christiansagainstpovertydebtcentre.htm or capuk.org

What to pray for:
– for smooth client appointments as they take place over the phone rather than face to face
– a new service support administrator to be appointed
– more befrienders to link with local churches and help clients become knitted into a church community

Christian Solidarity Worldwide

CSW works in over 20 countries across Asia, Africa, the Middle East & Latin America, defending everyone’s right to freedom of religion or belief. They are a Christian organisation working through advocacy & human rights, in the pursuit of justice.

Website: csw.org.uk

What to pray for:
– for people around the world who are persecuted because of their faith
– for the work of CSW in advocating for the vulnerable and challenging world leaders to fulfil their duty to protect religious freedom
– that many people will download their prayer diary and join in praying for their persecuted sisters and brothers around the world

Hope Health Action

HHA bring the love of Christ and life-saving health and disability care to the world’s poorest and most vulnerable, especially in north Haiti, but now also in South Sudan. They also seek to change attitudes to the disabled and the poor.

Website: hopehealthaction.org

What to pray for:
– peace and stability in all the nations HHA work in (Haiti, Uganda, South Sudan) which have all faced political instability and challenges in recent months
– efforts to build the new neonatal unit in Haiti, desperately needed
– thanks for seeing God move in great ways through HHA’s work to provide emergency food aid and agriculture support during Covid, with many people coming to know the hope and love of Jesus
– for the safety of the new long-term team of UK and US volunteers in Haiti – Rob, Phil and Brooke


Insight has been sharing the good news of Jesus in local primary and secondary schools since 1988. They have a small employed team and many volunteers, taking lessons, leading assemblies, and running Bible clubs like Lighthouse at St Paul’s School.

Website: insightinkingston.com

What to pray for:
– for the work of the Insight team in Kingston and Richmond schools
– for particular inspiration and insight into how to support children and schools during lockdown and during the transition period when schools return
– for energy and enthusiasm for the team in sharing their faith

Kingston Churches’ Action on Homelessness

KCAH support single people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. They offer advice, emergency food, clothing, toiletries, & temporary accommodation; and provide lasting solutions to restore self-esteem & confidence, helping people out of homelessness.

Website: kcah.org.uk

What to pray for:
– for the health and safety of all clients and tenants of KCAH
– for a smooth transition for those being housed who have not had a home for a very long time and for the team that helps them with often complex needs
– for success for the latest recruitment drive and that new staff hired to set up and run the Joel Recovery Centre are able to settle quickly
– or protection, comfort and support for all those who are sleeping rough on the streets of Kingston this winter

The Lunchbowl Network

Lunchbowl offers practical help to orphans & vulnerable children in Kibera, Nairobi—aiming to raise these children out of poverty through nutrition & education. They provide education, fund a dinner programme & food for a rugby academy, & run a child sponsorship programme.

Website: lunchbowl.org

What to pray for:
– unity and bonding of staff who have returned after a long sabbatical
– for the new head teacher
– for safety as they restart the Saturday lunch programme in the slum
– for a young girl, Mary, aged 11, who was raped over the Christmas holiday, for her emotional healing
– for the finances which have been hugely depleted as they have been unable to work in the school where fundraising events are organised
– give thanks that few in Kenya have been infected with Covid, where handwashing and social distancing are almost impossible.

Middle East Media

MEM uses creative media in strategic ways to reach Middle Eastern people with the Gospel. Over the years, their documentaries, dramas, animations and short videos have featured on virtually all the mainstream TV stations across the region. They also serve the vulnerable and train believers from a Muslim background in media, enabling them to bring Jesus’ love to their own communities.

Website: mem.org/memuk

What to pray for:
– wisdom in planning to equip and grow a new media team for Libya
– continuous restoration & healing of 2,000 traumatised children in refugee camps (Lebanon) whom we reached in 2020 with our trauma programme, Life in the Desert
– Basma, a believer from a Muslim background, and her two young children who are currently serving a 3 year sentence due to their conversion (Basma used to work for us, but due to the stress related to her children, she has stepped back and is really struggling)
– new believers in the Middle East that they will find a safe place to continue living their lives


Oxygen supports young people in and around Kingston who are struggling to discover identity, skills and purpose, seeking to show these young people that they are valued, loved and supported. They also oversee Kingston Street Pastors.

Website: oxygen-online.org

What to pray for:
– for the young people Oxygen supports in the Kingston area, that they will not feel isolated in this period of lockdown
– for the work of Street Pastors and that they will soon be able to resume their activities paused because of Covid

Paul & Helen Hutchinson & WEC

Paul & Helen lead WEC’s cross-cultural work in the UK, overseeing various teams who share the love of Jesus with people from non British backgrounds, including people who settled here decades ago & new immigrants, asylum seekers & refugees.

Website: wec-uk.org

What to pray for:
– thanks for answers to prayer from members of the groups they work with – AR shared how his wife and children in Iran have come to know Jesus, F testified that he has been set free from many years of bad dreams, and A shared with a friend in Iran that she could pray in the name of Jesus and when she did she experienced an amazing answer to her prayer
– that Morteza can find a job as an electrician here
– that MH will be healed of his stage 4 cancer

Sam & Abbie Baguma & Mission Aviation Fellowship

Sam is head of MAF’s operations in Uganda, where MAF planes fly aircraft to inaccessible areas to reach out to people in need, to support water and medical projects, mission outreach, Bible translation and development initiatives.

Website: maf-uganda.org

Link to latest newsletter: Baguma News December 2020

What to pray for:
– for the increasing number of Covid patients and hospitals filling up
– for those suffering from poverty caused by lockdown
– thanks that MAF is still able to fly its planes to remote areas
– wisdom for Sam as he continues to navigate complex issues with different East African governments
– peace after the elections held on 14th January


Tearfund is a Christian charity working to alleviate poverty and transform and empower communities around the world, in partnership with local churches. And they respond to disasters. Some of our church members, including Grace Gardner, Sarah Jarvis and Vicky Rolfe work for Tearfund.

Website: tearfund.org

What to pray for:
– for their teams around the world working to share God’s love and end extreme poverty through practical action
– for their Reboot Campaign, seeking a breakthrough in the climate crisis through prayer and action
– for their campaign helping some of the millions of people in the Middle East who have been forced to leave their homes due to conflict

Voices of Hope

Voices of Hope help to restore and rebuild hope in individuals facing the harshest of life’s battles. They improve physical and mental health through community-based projects including various choirs, the Sisterhood Sanctuary, Kingston Food Hub and Brite Box.

Website: voh.org.uk

What to pray for:
– health for staff, volunteers and clients as they keep supporting the community
– grant applications to go well so that they can move forward and keep programmes running.
– new relationships to keep being built throughout the community, with VoH and partners