Some useful resources:
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1   Link   Bible Gateway
Find any Bible passage in numerous different translations.
2   Link   Premier Radio
Site of London's 24 hour Christian radio station. You can also call Premier's confidential helpline on 0845 345 0707.
3   Link   Ship of Fools
The Mystery Worshipper, Gadgets for God, Signs and Blunders and much, much more...
4   Link   The Brick Testament
Scurrilous but amusing version of the Bible in Lego bricks. Yes, really
5   Link   Biblical Archealogical Review
Archaeological discoveries and debates relating to the Bible.
6   Link   Re: Jesus
Find out more about who Jesus is and what Christians believe.
7   Link   St Andrews bookshop
A good online Christian bookshop based in the UK
8   Link   Eden
Christian books, music and other resources in the UK.
9   Link   Christian Book Distributors
Books for Christians from the US, often a greater range and lower prices than in the UK.
10   Link   Freely photos
Great free high resolution photos with Christian themes